David Schurk

Business Development Manager,
Global Plasma Solutions

Contact Details

Global Plasma Solutions
Asheville, NC
PRIMARY: (920)530-7677

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David Schurk DES., CEM., LEED-AP., CDSM., CWEP., SFP., CIAQM, ASHRAE Member & Distinguished Lecturer, is Director of Healthcare Vertical Markets for Global Plasma Solutions, based out of Charlotte, NC (USA). He is a Licensed Designer of Engineering Systems and has over 38-years of experience in the design and analysis of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems for a variety of market sectors, with a special focus on health care and aerospace facilities. He is a LEED-AP and has been involved in the conception, design and selection of systems for over 10-projects achieving LEED certified status. He is also a Certified Energy Manager, a Certified Demand Side Manager, a Certified Water Efficiency Professional, a Certified Sustainable Facilities Professional and a Board Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager. He is active in ASHE (member and serving on the Editorial Advisory Board), ASHRAE (member, serving on TC9.6, and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer), the Colorado Association of Healthcare Engineers and Directors, the Houston Area Association for Hospital Engineering, the Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management, the California Association of Healthcare Engineers, the Association of Energy Engineers, as well as several other industry associations. David has authored various technical articles for a number of industry trade magazines and is a featured presenter at regional and national industry events. He can be reached at or 920-530-7677