ASHE Health Care Facilities Tailored Benchmarking (HFTB) Ambassador Task Force

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Starts: 09-16-2023



ASHE’s Health Care Facility Tailored Benchmarking (HFTB) Ambassador Task Force’s main goal is to promote the reputation of the HFTB to drive facility data collection within their own unique social and professional networks. Potential HFTB Ambassador Task Force members must work within HFM daily operations, have an interest in HFM benchmarking, and be willing to engage with individuals in person and via the HFTB platform to promote the HFTB program and engagement in all phases (selection of KPIs, consensus building, data collection, problem solving, reporting back to participants) with the goal of having as many members as possible in their network submit benchmarking data. 


Members from all different health care organization types are encouraged to apply, including those working within critical access, rural, suburban, and urban hospitals of all sizes and locations, as well as non-acute care facilities (stand-alone emergency departments, long term care). Ambassadors do not need to be current ASHE members; in fact, chapter associates and leaders are encouraged to apply.  

Member Terms and Appointment

  • Members of the five facility type ambassador groups identified through either themselves (those members that first joined the Network and then wanted to increase their participation) or through a nomination process (ASHE leaders, staff and other members can nominate someone for this committee) will apply through the volunteer portal. Membership in this committee extends through the completion of the first phase of data collection. However, if determined, the ambassador group may continue activities, as needed.
  • One individual will be appointed by a joint decision of the board and ASHE staff to function as Chair. The Chairs and research strategist will routinely meet together to discuss upcoming outreach initiatives (email campaigns, presentations, HFTB network activities including discussion postings, polls and Q & A sessions). These activities will ensure maximum outreach and participation in the program and ensure that the program maintains a positive reputation through every phase. 

Member Eligibility and Requirements

Potential ASHE Benchmarking Ambassador Members must:

  • meet all of the previously enumerated criteria to qualify for ASHE benchmarking network membership AND:
    • Demonstrate that they have substantial professional social capital or influence in a particular area of health care facility management. Of particular interest are those working in arenas that are not typically “touched” by other large ASHE spheres of influence and include chapter level leaders. Potential ambassadors need not only be from large hospitals or healthcare organizations. We especially invite ambassadors to represent other types of health care organizations that would benchmark, including long term care facilities, standalone emergency room departments, critical access hospitals, and rural hospitals.
    • Potential members are not required to hold any particular office or be at any particular stage in their career. For example, it may be very beneficial to purposely target a few “early career” members that have a special affinity for benchmarking and have a cadre of similar colleagues that would benefit from participation in the program.
    • Be willing to actively and routinely engage with their social and professional groups to promote participation in ASHE’s benchmarking program.

  Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Be committed to active promotion of the program, assisting colleagues in understanding how the program works, participating via the HFTB network page (posting in discussions and participating in polls and tool testing), passing on questions to research leaders in ASHE, and regularly touching base with those in their circle.

 Additional Deliverables for 2023

  • Be committed to capturing the data for at least five different health care facilities within their sphere of influence.

 Time Commitment

  • Members must interact with their group via the network discussion board on a regular basis. In addition, members should actively promote the understanding of the program and its processes in their networks.
  • During the data collection phase, members must actively engage with all their professional contacts to promote data collection. This potentially includes passing on emails, telephoning contacts, speaking (both formal and informal) at social gatherings, and passing on relevant feedback to the ASHE staff when they hear of any potential barrier to data collection. Time commitment for these activates may vary based on the phase of the program and could span from twenty minutes to a few hours per week.

Volunteers Needed:

25 (22 open slots)

Experience Required:

All levels of experience are welcome

Potential My ASHE Points:



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