ASHE Health Care Facilities Tailored Benchmarking (HFTB) Beta Tester/Innovator Task Force

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Starts: 09-13-2023


The ASHE Benchmarking Innovator/Beta Tester Task Force will work closely with ASHE’s Strategic Researcher to create and/or revise program methodology, processes, member tools, or analytics to promote maximum participation and data collection, and to ensure valid results. Members should have at least an intermediate/advanced knowledge of benchmarking, KPIs, operational excellence, or metrics.

Member Terms and Appointment

  • Members  may self-identify  or be nominated  (by ASHE leaders, staff, and other members). Please submit your application through the volunteer portal. All Innovator/Beta Tester Task Force Members must first enroll in the HFTB Task Force Network ( Membership in this committee extends through the data collection and initial reporting phase of the project.  However, if determined, the innovator/beta tester group may continue activities, as needed.
  • One individual will be appointed by a joint decision of the advisory board and ASHE staff to function as Chair. The Chairs and research strategist will meet together at critical points during the ASHE Benchmarking Program’s phases to ensure continuity in the development of the program and problem-solve any discrepancies in messaging, reputation, or processes related to metric definition or reporting.

Member Eligibility and Requirements

Potential ASHE Benchmarking Innovator/Beta Tester Members must:

    • Potential members of the ASHE Benchmarking Innovators/Beta Testers Task Force five must:
      • Demonstrate that they have expertise in a specific benchmarking, operations, analytics or other area applicable to benchmarking. 
      • Be willing to work on specific tools and projects using excel, word or other tools to create or test tools and methods and report their findings to ASHE’s Research Strategist.
      • Be willing to problem solve analytical or methodological problems by engaging with their peers and others in their group.
      • Potential members are not required to hold any particular office or be at any particular stage in their career. For example, this group may benefit from members that, although early in their specific health care engineering career, possess a background or understanding of statistics, analytics or the tools used to document or track health care facility operations. 
Desired Member Attributes
ASHE Benchmarking Innovator/Beta Tester members should:
      • Be proficient in some area of benchmarking and be willing to invest time to explore existing and potential new tools or methods. 
      • Be able to educate others in how a tool or method might work.
      • Have a tolerance for ambiguity, and realize that benchmarking is a process, which means you won’t know all of the answers to all of the questions at once, and that is ok. One question, one solution at a time builds the best program. 
      • Be inquisitive and a problem solver, willing to take a tool and tinker with it, and put it through its paces.
      • Be meticulous when needed; able to document processes and solutions thoroughly, so they can be confirmed later.
      • Be willing to work with others on large projects, and recognize that it takes a group of very intelligent, dedicated people to make a product like we are trying to make. 
      • Be from diverse health care programs. Although many members of this group are expected to be from larger organizations, if there are any members from smaller organizations, or from smaller organizations, or from different types of organizations, they should be welcomed for their unique perspective.
Responsibilities and Deliverables
      • Be committed to thinking through concrete problems related to benchmarking. Members will be assigned different tasks related to brainstorming solutions related to benchmarking, problem solving tools or processes and potentially “Crunching” data (with assistance of course) to validate new potential solutions or processes. 
Additional Deliverables through 2024
      • With the management of the Research Strategist, create a concrete list of KPIs to be measured across the entire program within six months.
      • With the assistance of each other and the Research Strategist, create (or adapt existing) 1 – 4 complimentary tools that facilitates data collection or analysis within one year. 
 Time Commitment
      • Members are encouraged to interact on the network discussion boards intermittently to understand what issues are coming up with benchmarking participants. 
      • The bulk of this membership groups’ activities will occur during the selection of the KPIs and the creation of the tool. Individuals may be assigned tool testing activities and time commitment for these activates may vary based on the phase of the program. Time invested could span from less than five minutes to up to ten hours in one week. Every attempt will be made to work with members on scheduling

Volunteers Needed:

25 (19 open slots)

Experience Required:

All levels of experience are welcome

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