Retired or retiring within 5 years? Pass the torch of knowledge on to fellow members in the field.

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Starts: 09-26-2018
Location: Online Opportunity


Proven Pathways & Priorities Project: Interviews with Seasoned Professionals Sharing Lessons Learned

ASHE is looking for ASHE members that are within 5 years of their retirement date, and willing to participate in a brief, one-on-one, telephone interview. These interviews will have questions that ask about your own career training, career path and satisfaction, and about the strategies that you have used when making decisions and working with others.

We created this interview project because our membership told us that career development, training, and decision making are important issues; and that they want to be able to hear about how others are handling them. Your answers will not be tied directly to you (unless you give your permission to allow us you to quote you in the official story published in Health Facilities Management magazine once the project is complete). But we will report the trends that we see in the entire group.

So… if you are within 5 years of retirement, want to share your experiences with the field, and have approximately 20 minutes to participate in a brief telephone interview, please volunteer!

To Apply:

In order to participate, you must complete this conflict of interest and nondisclosure form. Please complete this form and then upload it as part of your application when applying for this opportunity at the link above.


Volunteers Needed:

50 (50 open slots)

Experience Required:

All levels of experience are welcome

Potential My ASHE Points:



Lisa Walt
American Society for Health Care Engineering