Members Tool Committee (MTC)

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Starts: 01-12-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


The Members Tool Committee (MTC), formerly known as the MTTF, is a committee of knowledgeable ASHE members who create and develop content and tools as resources for the ASHE membership. The MTC will be working on developing articles, creating new ASHE member tools and updating existing tools that are beneficial to members in the areas of compliance, operations, and management to:

  • Evaluate the compliance issues most important to members
  • Create online tools accessible on the ASHE website and discussed in a series of articles in Health Facilities Management (HFM) magazine
  • Address issues and concerns within the physical environment.

Key efforts of the MTC will be:

  • Develop a listing of key topics or issues aligned with the ASHE Content strategy.
  • Prioritize these topics or issues.
  • Assign responsibility for authorship for articles and tools
    • 2 Full articles per each edition of HFM Magazine (6 for 2024)
    • 1 Advocacy Advisor Column per each edition of HFM
    • 1 ASHE Tools Column per each edition of HFM
  • Assemble examples of potential solutions
  • Create a solution to the challenge being addressed
  • Test prototype tools
  • Peer review articles

Anticipated time commitment to participate in the MTC:

  • As a Committee Member
    • Monthly MTC Call – 15 minutes
    • Article reviews – 1 hour per month
  • As an article author or tool developer
    • Full article 8 – 12 hours per article
    • Short article/column – 4-8 hours per article/column
    • Tool development – 8-12 hours per tool

To Apply:

In order to participate, you must complete a volunteer application and a contributing content agreement. Please complete this form and then upload it as part of your application when applying for this opportunity at the link above.

Volunteers Needed:

50 (50 open slots)

Experience Required:

All levels of experience are welcome

Potential My ASHE Points:



Jonathan Flannery
American Society for Health Care Engineering