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Tip #23 - Don’t Stumble Around in the Dark

By Jonathan Flannery posted 07-01-2019 10:40

NFPA 110-2010: 7.3.1 The Level 1 or Level 2 EPS equipment location(s) shall be provided with battery-powered emergency lighting. This requirement shall not apply to units located outdoors in enclosures that do not include walk-in access.

Battery-powered emergency lighting must be provided for Level 1 and 2 Emergency Power Supply (EPS) locations. Units that are located outdoors in enclosures that do not require walk-in access are not required to have battery-powered emergency lighting.


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04-27-2021 13:56

What would qualify as "walk-in access"? Our Generators are located outdoors in enclosures with large doors on the sides to allow for maintenance access. There are no steps or internal walkways/catwalks. My assessment is that they do not require battery-powered emergency lighting, would you agree?