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Tip #29 - Escutcheon Discussion What's your Function

By Chad Beebe posted 11-05-2018 16:40


NFPA 13-2010: or thin paper bags shall be used. Coverings shall be replaced periodically so that
heavy deposits of residue do not accumulate. Sprinklers that have been painted or coated shall be
replaced in accordance with the requirements of
6.2.7 Escutcheons and Cover Plates. Plates, escutcheons, or other devices used to cover the
annular space around a sprinkler shall be metallic or shall be
listed for use around a sprinkler.* Escutcheons used with recessed, flush-type, or concealed
sprinklers shall be part of a listed sprinkler assembly. Cover plates used with concealed sprinklers shall be
part of the listed sprinkler assembly.

Escutcheons that are used with sprinklers are designed to allow the sprinkler to have the correct spray pattern. Where the sprinkler type and design of the sprinkler system require escutcheons, they must be in place for the sprinkler to work correctly. #ASHEComplianceTip

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11-10-2018 10:14

A good approach for compliance is to include in your annual visual inspections of sprinkler heads.

Also, I see during survey or EIC rounds several sprinkler heads of different types in the same room or space due to recent renovations.