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TIP #19 - NFPA 25: Heads Up!

By Chad Beebe posted 08-14-2018 11:59


ASHE Compliance Tip

NFPA 25-2011: Sprinkler heads are required to be inspected from the floor annually. #ASHEComplianceTip

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09-04-2018 13:24

An inventory of all of the heads would be one way to document and prove this. I have also heard that some have kept records of this being done room by room.  I would go as far as recording the number of heads within that room that were inspected.  For example, Room 345​ - 4 Heads, Inspected.  I am curious what other have been doing that has been successful with surveyors though.

08-31-2018 15:14

So how do you prove that you have completed this without an inventory?