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TIP #4 - NFPA 101: Take the heat

By Chad Beebe posted 08-01-2018 10:05


ASHE Compliance Tip

NFPA 101-2012: 8.2.1, xx.1.6 in the occupancy chapters (Example: 18.1.6 for existing healthcare occupancies).

While NFPA 101 does not specifically mention fire-proofing of structural steel, NFPA 101 does require specific building types for various occupancies. Structural steel often requires fire-proofing to be installed so that the structural element does not fail during a fire. Different construction types require different fire resistance ratings for structural elements. If the fire-proofing is not installed, or has been damaged or removed, the structural element may no longer meet the requirement for the building construction type, and could be at risk of structural failure in a fire. #ASHEComplianceTip

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