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Tip #34 - NFPA 13, NFPA 25: Six spares are better than one

By Chad Beebe posted 02-08-2018 12:49


Six spares are better than one

NFPA 13-2010: 6.2.9 A minimum of six spare sprinklers corresponding to the types and temperature ratings installed in the building are required to be kept on site, stored in a cabinet where the temperature will not exceed 100 degrees F. A wrench for each type of sprinkler is also kept on site. The requirements for the minimum number of spare sprinklers increase with system size. #ASHEComplianceTip

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09-24-2018 16:30

NFPA 13-2011 requires spare sprinklers to be no fewer than six spares for under 300 sprinklers, no fewer than 12 spare sprinklers for facilities having 300 to 1000 sprinklers, and no fewer than 24 spare sprinklers for facilities having over 1000 sprinklers.

Three different terms are used, premises, property and protected facility, the code saying that the spare sprinklers “shall be maintained on the premises”. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines premises as “A tract of land with the buildings thereon”.

On a hospital campus where you may have more than one building using the same sprinkler head (same type and temperature) do the minimum number of spare sprinklers have to be maintained in every building, or can you have enough on the premises to meet the minimum requirement for the aggregate of the buildings on campus? How does your organization handle the number of and location of spare sprinklers?

04-19-2018 19:03

All your Safety Tips are of Great Value I can use it for my Monthly meetings. Thank you